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Mayor Imelda "Mel" Aguilar has declared Zapote-Alabang road and other major roads in the City as zer-garbage zones with the strict implementation of anti-littering ordinance imposing stiffer penalties to violators.


Residents and business establishments along the major roads in the city are advised to dispose their garbage only during the scheduled time at 3 am and 8 am daily.


Bantay Tapon Basura volunteers were deputized to apprehend anyone caught illegally disposing garbage and will be meted penalty from P500 with imprisonment of from 10 days up to 30 days, or both fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the Court as provided for in the anti-littering ordinance of the City.


Aguilar also enjoined the city's residents' participation in solving the garbage problem by managing their garbage properly and practice waste segregation at home to reduce the volume.


"Waste segregation at source is important which a long term solution to our garbage problem. It's our collective responsibility in making our city clean and achieve our target of zero-garbage in all major roads in the city," Aguilar said.


Barangay officials and green volunteers, called the Kaagapay sa Kalinisan at Kagandahan ng Las Piñas, in the city's 20 barangay have been deployed to maintain cleanliness and help in information dissemination for the clean and green drive awareness.


The green volunteers also maintain order and beautification of the major and secondary streets through landscaping and creating mini parks on open spaces.


The campaign is part of the city effort to efficiently manage garbage collection and disposal with the launched of No-plastic Campaign and war against all forms of destructive environmental practices since 2013.


Aguilar likewise appealed to private subdivision residents, through the homeowners'associations, and school authorities to strengthen and maintain regular clean up activities in their surroundings to arrest the possible spread of disease.


Aguilar said the indiscriminate dumping of plastic bags and packaging materials into the environment and its eventual burning in open dumps coupled with an apathetic behaivior of the population worsen air pollution, deteriorates water quality that contribute to the shallowing of bays and rivers becoming a serious threat to public health and the ecosystem. (END)