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Las Piñas City--- Mayor Imelda “Mel” Aguilar has mobilized all barangay officials, the city health department staff and volunteers in the city for a continuing massive clean-up drive to eliminate possible mosquito breeding areas to prevent the spread of Zika, Dengue and  hikungunya virus.
The move came in the wake of the Department of Health’s call for united effort against the dreaded Aedes mosquitoes that carry the virus.
To strengthen the drive, Aguilar created the Barangay Zika–Dengue Brigade composed of barangay officials, health center staff and homeowners for the conduct of the massive clean-up in their respective barangays and disseminate information and awareness regarding zika, dengue and chikungunya prevention and control.

The mayor likewise appealed to the residents and homeowners and school authorities to strengthen and maintain regular clean up drive activities in their surroundings to arrest the spread of the disease.

At the same time she instructed the city health office to continue its disease surveillance operations, introduction of Ovi-Larvi trap in schools and communities and immediate fogging operations and illness source reduction through active community participation.

“Prevention and control of these dreaded vector-borne disease is everybody’s concern and responsibility that we must do our share in ensuring a clean and mosquito-free surroundings,” Aguilar said.

The Zika virus is transmitted by the same type of mosquito that carries dengue fever and chikungunya virus. The virus can be found in blood, semen, urine, and saliva of an infected person, as well as in fluids in the eye. It can cause fever, rash, joint pain, and redness in the eyes (conjunctivitis) but most patients won’t know they have it.

Meanwhile, the city has purchased additional nine mini dump trucks to augment the existing 54 garbage compactor trucks used in collecting trash from all of the city’s 20 barangays with about 250 private villages and subdivisions.

Aguilar said the added garbage trucks were to complement the massive cleanliness and sanitation campaign not only to arrest possible spread of the dreaded vector virus but also the ensure an orderly and green environment.

The city employs 250 garbage collectors, aids and dump truck drivers aside from the Bantay Basura volunteers that regularly pick up garbage from private, public and commercial establishments.

Las Piñas has several mini green parks and vegetable gardens being maintained by various barangays, public schools and some women’s groups. (END)